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The Adult Lifestyle Directory guides you to access to the hands down best nude celebrity content on the internet packaged for you in a professional package.

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The Adult Lifestyle Directory brings you a direct connection to the hottest nude celebrity database on the planet. Who is your favorite celebrity? You can find that person here! If they have ever been nude on camera, they are in this database. Nude celebrity photos and videos fill page after page with the type of content you will love.

Every Nude Celebrity

Every Celebrity gets propositioned to pose nude for the camera at some point in their career. They trade more than just time for compensation if they do! They give a nude celebrity digital clone to the world. If they decide to grace us with a nude scene, we have to wonder what questions they asked themselves before agreeing to the project.

Nude Celebrity

Every Career Goal

What was their overall career goal? There was no guarantee that joining the ranks of nude celebrities would elevate their career but they proceeded nonetheless. We are happy they did! Most likely, they were selective in the projects they chose and we are pretty sure that they profited from the deal. Now, we get to profit from it too with tons of adult content to enjoy at our leisure. The roles they selected sculpted their public image over time, which is why you can probably think of a few that get you excited right off the top of your head.

Nude Celebrity content

Every Style of Content

You get to see celebrity nude content presented in the professional style that only Hollywood can garner. The you also get to see that wonderful celebrity nude content that can only be supplied by the amateur lens. From a static shot of an exposed body to a raunchy love scene, we have it all inside. These celebrities want to win the bigger payoff in every decision they make. Their body, brand, and talent is their meal ticket and their performance has to be on point. These have definitely worked out in their favor. You will find solo scenes, couples and groups, and even some with toys. This equals gold for us nude celebrity content consumers.

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No Fake Celebrities

The Adult Lifestyle Directory will not guide you to nude celebrity content comprised of fake celebrities. Some folks might not mind it all but we prefer not to waste your time with it. We also thought it would be a great idea to let you in on how some of that fake content is created right here in this post.


Some of the software programs used to make fake celebrity content can cost quite a bit of money. These are the ones with highly advance motion tracking abilities. Fakers are able to produce professional outputs with less expensive options though. They use software like Adobe After Effects. They add powerful plugins like Mocha and Camera Tracker to beef up their arsenal. After acquiring the software, they study the faces in various pieces of adult content and match it with the celebrity that they want to fake. Then, they paste the celebrity face over the original face in the video. Most of this stuff is decent at best.

Mr. Skin

Motion Tracking and Masks

Mr. Skin

Realistic Lighting and Color

The person making the counterfeit video has to match the lighting and color of the two faces as closely as they can. This is the only way the result will look realistic. That is also how you can pick out a lot f the fake stuff from a mile away. They also have to make sure that the celebrity face is the same size (or larger) as the original face in the clip. The reason, for this is simple. A smaller face can be enlarged but this will result in a loss of quality.


Another red flag – a high quality body with a low quality face. They also make sure you can sometimes detect a break there.  They create a new face (if they know what they are doing) if the subject turns their head so the mask doesn’t slice across the subjects cheeks and to avoid capturing details from the different background.

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Pay Attention

If you are like us and would rather spend your time with the good stuff you just have to pay attention. A good indicator as to whether or not you should look out for fake content is whether or not you think it is at all likely that the person has ever been nude on camera. That’s probably the most common reason for producing fake content. To create the opportunity to beat the meat watching a celebrity a fan desperately wants to see nude.

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Access to the hands down best nude celebrity content on the internet packaged for you in a professional package. We never thought it was a good idea to try to reinvent the wheel. When it comes to devouring nude celebrity content there are three ways of doing it. You can spend your time searching the net for a clip or two here and there. Another option is to buy, download, or stream all of the movies with the niche content in them. The third option, which we like best, is to simply go where all of the work has been done…and plug in to it.

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Make sure you check out the “Best of” series videos that are available. Each one point to some pretty intense content. There’s enough to keep you busy all day!

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