The Adult Lifestyle Directory is your resource for connections, information, and resources regarding various adult lifestyles. We will strive to provide as much useful content as we can on a continual basis to make sure that you are in and stay in the know. The adult lifestyle is vast and is actually comprised of many different niches. Some people choose to adhere strongly to one particular niche while others bask in the variety of the adult lifestyle. 

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What are some of the things that you enjoy? What interests you the most about adult sexuality? Regardless of your lifestyle preference or your sexual preference we will provide access to adult entertainment that suits your needs on this site. With that in mind, if you don’t see what you like, let us know! Welcome to the Adult Lifestyle Directory!

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We wanted to create a place where adults can have adult conversations. Conversations about adult topics without having to worry about who might not like what is said or quite simply just can’t handle it. We all know that there are those that go out of the way to try to impose their morality on others but not here. This is a safe zone. If one can’t handle adult topics and conversation… they should leave now.

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Providing links and information regarding various topics pertaining to the Adult Lifestyle. Some of the things you will find here are obvious. Others, not so much. We have links to webcams, videos, adult toys, dating, swingers, escorts, and more. It doesn’t matter what your preference is in the Lifestyle. You’ll find something that you like right here in the Adult Lifestyle Directory.

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Online dating platforms allow people to find and meet new personal connections online. The primary goal is to develop personal, romantic, or intimate relationships. A company specializing in online dating services provides ways to facilitate online dating using the world-wide web. They offer tons matchmaking services free of moderation. Most of these platforms are profile-based.

Swinging takes many forms; wife swapping, husband swapping or both partners swapping. Simply put, both partners are in a committed relationship and enjoy sexual activity with others. It can be purely recreational or it can be more social. There are as many reasons for choosing swinging as an adult lifestyle choice as there are people. Our job is to connect you with others who feel the same way.

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Adult toy stores are an integral part of the adult lifestyle. The are retailers that sell products related to adult sexual or erotic entertainment. Stores that we connect you to carry a variety of items like vibrators, lingerie, whips, chains and other related products to fit your adult lifestyle. The world’s first sex shop was opened in 1962 and things have come a long way since then. Come do your shopping from the comfort of your own home.

Escorts can be one of two types in the adult lifestyle. Some escorts work with agencies while others choose to operate independently.  They exchange time and companionship for payment. Meetings with an escort can take place at the escort’s location (incall) or at the client’s location (outcall). Sometimes, they provide services for longer durations likes travel on a holiday or business trip.


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Adult webcams come in many different varieties. Some of are good quality while others can be painful to watch. We made it a point to connect you to some of the best webcam platforms and performers in the game. Since webcams are an huge part of the adult lifesyle, we had to include the best!

Adult Lifestyle Video Content Featuring Nude Celebrities

If you’d like to see some of your favorite celebrities in the nude, this is the place! Mr. Skin turned us on to a huge database an we thought it only right to bring it to you! Some you know about, others may surprise you. Just try not to hurt yourself!